What Is The Standard Of Proof In Family Law?

16 September 2020
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The stand of proof is often a major influence on how cases in court will turn out. There are several standards, and each type of court uses a different one. If you're trying to sort out a family law issue, you may wonder what the standard of proof is. On one hand, the simple answer family lawyers will provide is that the civil standard is usually used. It gets a little more complicated than that, though, because family law introduces a specific set of problems. Read More 

Tips For Saving Money On Your Divorce Costs

21 August 2020
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According to recent data, couples spend around $15,000 each on divorce legal fees. If you combine these amounts, an average married couple spends $30,000 to get divorced. Money problems in a marriage are among the leading causes of divorce, which means that you might already have financial struggles before your divorce. If you add in the divorce costs, your financial problems might worsen. Many couples find themselves in this position and look for ways to cut their divorce expense. Read More 

When a Prenuptial Should Be Considered

5 August 2020
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Are you getting married and have concerns about what will happen if you get divorced? This can include what happens with your assets, debts, and even alimony. It may be worth considering a prenuptial agreement to help work out some of these issues before getting married. Here are some reasons why you should consider getting a prenuptial agreement. Save Money As you may be aware, a divorce can be quite expensive when both people have a disagreement about how things should be decided. Read More 

What Factors Are Considered When Determining Spousal Support

17 July 2020
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Are you going to get divorced and it is likely that you'll have to pay spousal support? If so, you may be wondering how that final amount is calculated. Here are some of the factors that go into calculating spousal support.  The Income Levels One of the biggest factors that will be looked at is each person's income level. However, it is not just based on how much each person is making, but what they could potentially make after the divorce. Read More 

Why You Should Consider a Prenuptial Agreement

29 June 2020
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A prenuptial agreement is a document you can use to protect your assets should your relationship result in divorce. While many people don't want to think about divorce before they even get married, it is important that you consider the things that could go wrong in any relationship. Here are some pros and cons of prenuptial agreements. Pro: Your Entire Family Benefits First, keep in mind that you're not the only person who benefits from a prenuptial agreement if you choose to end your marriage. Read More