Should You Get A Divorce Attorney If You Have No Children?

28 May 2020
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Did you know that nearly 70% of divorces involve childless couples? This means that many people have faced a dilemma like yours: the act of divorce without kids and wondering if hiring a divorce attorney is necessary.

A divorce attorney is a legal specialist who works with individuals — or acts as a mediator for couples — going through a divorce. While divorce attorney services can be sought when a divorce is contested and soon-to-be-exes cannot come to an agreement on anything, a divorce attorney is also beneficial if you have an easier divorce, such as one without children.

Should you get a divorce attorney if you have no children? While every case is different and no two divorces are the same, paying for divorce attorney services even if you don't have a child to care for can be beneficial to you. Here are things to consider as you go through your childless divorce.

You may not come to a resolution

A divorce with few assets and no arguments may warrant not having a divorce attorney, but if you have any assets at all and you and your soon-to-be-ex-spouse have a few things you don't agree on, it's time to get divorce attorney services. What happens when you fail to get an attorney is this: the other party either stalls on the divorce because they know they can, you end up losing out on assets because you didn't know what your rights are, or you suffer in court because the other party has legal counsel and you're on your own.

Any minor disagreement, such as who gets lawn equipment, can be settled between you and the other party. If any major disagreements exist between you two, even if you have no children, you should get a divorce attorney right away.

You have lots of assets

Did you and the other party buy a home together? Do you have vacation shares, cars, or retirement accounts? When you have no kids together, you still have major assets to divide or fight for — particularly if you live in a community property state. Whether you need a divorce attorney for your situation is based upon the value of your assets, how well you and your partner are cooperating with one another, and whether any prenups existed prior to marriage.

Sometimes, it's best to hire a divorce attorney even if your marriage is dissolving with no issues at all. Speak to a divorce law office, such as Hugh O. Allen Law Offices, to see what your options are.