Tips For Saving Money On Your Divorce Costs

21 August 2020
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According to recent data, couples spend around $15,000 each on divorce legal fees. If you combine these amounts, an average married couple spends $30,000 to get divorced. Money problems in a marriage are among the leading causes of divorce, which means that you might already have financial struggles before your divorce. If you add in the divorce costs, your financial problems might worsen. Many couples find themselves in this position and look for ways to cut their divorce expense. If you want to reduce yours, here are some tips that might help you achieve this goal.

Make an Agreement Before Visiting a Lawyer

Did you know that you can use one lawyer for your divorce instead of two? Most spouses will each hire their own lawyers, and the lawyers each charge fees for their services. Many couples need two lawyers because they cannot compromise or reach agreements, but some couples do not need two. If you can reach an agreement with your spouse before visiting a lawyer, you can use the same lawyer.

With this method, you hire a lawyer to create the divorce documents. You and your spouse can meet with the lawyer together to discuss your agreement. The lawyer can then create the documents. The lawyer will charge a small fee for the service, so you will save a lot of money by using this method.

Use a Collaborative Divorce or Mediation

The other option you have is to use a collaborative divorce or mediation. Both services are alternatives to traditional divorces and may result in lower fees. Through these methods, you work with your spouse and another party to reach a settlement for your divorce. This method allows you to eliminate the arguing and back and forth communications between two lawyers. You spend less time settling your case, and you use fewer legal services. As a result, you pay less money for your legal expenses.

To use either of these methods, you and your spouse must agree to be agreeable. In other words, couples should only use these divorce methods if they can agree on things. If you and your spouse cannot agree on things or communicate well, using these methods would probably not be wise or effective.

If you have questions about divorce, or want to find ways to decrease your legal fees, talk to a divorce lawyer. Your lawyer might have other ideas that can also help you save money.