Retaining A Special Needs Planning Attorney For Your Child's Safety

18 February 2021
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As the parent of a special needs child, you have to face the prospect of what will happen to him or her when you are no longer here. You may not entrust your child's care to his or her brothers and sisters. However, you also may not necessarily want the state to assume custody of your son or daughter.

Instead of leaving your child unprotected, you can retain legal counsel to safeguard his or her best interests. You can prepare for the future and ensure your child's best interests by retaining a special needs planning attorney.

Building a Financial Nest Egg

As this child's parent, you already know how much money it takes to take care of his or her daily needs. You also know that other people in your family may not have the money to take over this burden after you are gone. 

Instead of expecting his or her future caretakers to assume this financial strain, you can retain a special needs planning attorney to establish a savings account for your child's future expenses. The lawyer can advise you on how and where to open this type of savings account. Your attorney can also recommend how much money to save each month and how to diversify those savings to ensure that the savings grow progressively.

Naming a Caretaker

With the help of your special needs planning attorney, you can also choose the best caretaker to assume custody of your son or daughter after you are no longer here. You may believe that one person in the family is the best choice. However, your lawyer can point out complications that can make your assumptions ill-based and not in the best interests of your child.

Instead, your special needs planning attorney can recommend another family member based on his or her objective input. You can then approach that person and name him or her as your child's future guardian. Your special needs planning attorney can put your plans for custody in writing and make sure that they are carried out after you die.

A special needs planning attorney can provide valuable services for you and your child. He or she can help you establish a savings account into which you can invest and put money to pay for your son or daughter's future expenses. Your lawyer can also advise you on whom to name as your child's future guardian.

For more information, contact a special needs planning attorney.