Discussing Personal Matters with Your Divorce Attorney

19 September 2022
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The importance of telling your divorce lawyer everything cannot be overstated. If it's cringe-worthy, then your lawyer probably needs to know about it. Read on to find out more.

It's All Confidential

You and your divorce lawyer are in a protected situation. Anything you tell them is confidential. The lawyer won't divulge anything without your permission. Even a court order is not enough for your lawyer to tell all. Client-attorney confidentiality is important with family law just as it is with criminal and other types of law. Lawyers must be provided with the information they need to help their clients. Clients do not have to fear that what they say can be used against them. A lawyer can explain more about client-attorney confidentiality.

It Can Be Embarrassing

It's understandable when divorcing parties are reluctant to talk to their lawyers about everything. Divorce matters can sometimes be embarrassing, and lawyers are accustomed to hearing all sorts of things. However, the more embarrassing it is, the more your lawyer needs to know about it. They must be prepared to protect your interests in court, whether it be about financial matters or child custody issues. For example, if you were seen hitting your child by your spouse, you must tell your lawyer about it. Only then can your lawyer prepare to defend the incident when it arises.

What to Divulge

For a reminder of what you should be telling your divorce lawyer, consider these issues:


Even if your spouse may not know about it, tell your lawyer if you have been cheating on your spouse. No harm will come from divulging the information if your spouse doesn't know and you will be ready if they do know.

On the other hand, you may know your spouse is cheating but you don't want it to come out in the open. Tell your lawyer and ask them not to use it against your spouse without your permission. If you are being threatened with the loss of child custody or being denied spousal support, it may be useful information to have.

Criminal Activities

If you have ever been arrested for any reason, tell your attorney about it. Your spouse's attorney may already know about the arrest and is preparing to use it against you. Letting your lawyer know helps to keep the lawyer from being blindsided with the information at an inopportune time. Even minor issues can be blown out of proportion when it comes to child custody, marital property, and debts. Naturally, tell your lawyer about any criminal activity your spouse has been involved in, particularly if it will affect child custody and visitation matters.

Other important issues to discuss include financial disclosures, parenting behavior, employment issues, mental health issues, addiction problems, and more. Speak to a divorce lawyer such as John D Wieser Esq, PC to find out more.